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Weight Loss Steps

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Weight Loss Steps

Weight Loss Steps

Basic Steps

When you're committed to losing weight and are ready to get started, its worth knowing that there are really only 4 basic weight loss steps that you need to know that are crucial to your success. They are:

1. Believe you can lose weight
2. Define the amount of weight to lose and time frame to lose it in
3. Pre-determine your daily diet and exercise plan
4.Visualize your final successful body shape and size

These three very basic steps, while being essential are probably the easiest part of your forthcoming plan to lose weight. I'll explain them in more detail below:

1. By believing in yourself that you are capable of losing weight, you shift your mindset into a positive frame that is the single most important part of weight loss. When you have that positive "can-do" attitude already firmly fixed in your mind, you face a much easier time of it, will enjoy partaking in the plan you set out for yourself and are much more likely to stick with it and see it through to the successful end.

2. By defining the amount of weight you want to lose as well as setting out a realistic period of time that you believe you can do it in, you create a further reinforcing mind-set that combines with your already positive outlook on the process. You are in effect, telling yourself that you will lose "X" amount of pounds (or kilos) in "X" number of weeks.

Weight Loss Step 3. 

This third step might seem like a duh moment, but it is actually a third positive mind-set creating process that links with the previous two. A carefully laid out plan as to what you can eat each day as well as the type of exercises that you will do and the length of time that you will allocate each day to doing them is another powerful reinforcement that you have given yourself that you, yourself have instigated and define the limits and boundaries which you intend to work with. Combined with the previous two steps, this third one completes the overall picture in your mind that you


4. Visualization is an extremely powerful tool in anybody's armory when you have a task to perform and want to provide the perfect set of circumstances for success. When you visualize only the outcome of your weight loss program with an image of yourself as you would appear at your ideal weight and body shape, this not only fixes that image in your subconscious mind of how you will be, but sets in motion the body's own internal process that will cause all the necessary functions to create exactly that weight and body shape.

When combined with the previous three steps, this last and most powerful mental technique completes the overall picture in your mind that you have created. Success will be yours for the taking!


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